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Little Phil is the neat new way to give charitably

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We focus on the causes, not the organisation, making it easier to find what you love.

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We don't all have billions (like Bill Gates), but together Little Phil brings power to the people.

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500 Bushfire Koalas

Currumbin, Gold Coast








Sports Playground

Mae Sariang, Thailand








Hand Washing Station

Dhulikhel, Nepal








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Happier, healthier &
more connected

Seek to better the world and, in
doing so, better yourself.

The secret to living is giving. When we serve others, we think outside ourselves, feel more connected and yes, even happier and healthier.1
1Dunn, E. W., Aknin, L. B., & Norton, M. I. (2014)

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Complete control over
your giving

Experience the true feeling of
giving like it’s in-person.

No longer do you have to blindly throw money into a tin. Give on your terms and in your own time, knowing you have complete transparency and control over where your money is going β€” just like a philanthropist would.

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Bringing together the best organisations

The best platform for charities to raise money for charitable causes.

Little Phil brings givers and receivers together with an experience that both enjoy. We also reduce the need for outdated & expensive fundraising and provide analytics to help non-profits prosper. Say NO to canvassing or telesales, and YES to Little Phil.

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